How to sign up to Part-Box as a trader

Part-Box & Co-ordSport Dealer Zone Application Process.

The following documentation will take you through the process involved when applying for setting up a trade account on Part-Box, as well as using the Co-ordSport Dealer Zone.

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Setting up a Part-Box trade account

  • Head over to and ensure you select the “Trade Customer” checkbox under the “Customer Group” field in the Personal Details section.
  • Fill out all the required details, including your valid VAT number (please note that we can currently only accept trade accounts if you provide us with a valid VAT number that matches up to the details you provide)
  • Then your work is done! Once you have registered, your application will go into our approval queue. From here, a member of our team will check your details, confirm those and load your discounts. If you are a new customer then you will receive Part-Box/Co-ordSport’s default trade discount package, if you already have a trade account with us then your current discounts will be loaded for you on to Part-Box.
  • You will receive an e-mail as soon as your trade account has been approved and is ready for use on Part-Box. From then, you are able to make orders online, anywhere and at any time!
  • Please note, in certain circumstances it can take up to 72 hours for your trade account to be approved on Part-Box. However (and in most cases) we aim to approve accounts in under 12 hours.

The Co-ordSport Dealer Zone

  • When you have an active trade account on Part-Box you also gain automatic access to the Co-ordSport Dealer Zone. This dealer zone allows you to view your recent orders and access a stock checker that displays if an item is in stock and your specific cost price.
  • All you need to do is go to and click the “TRADE LOGIN/REGISTER” at the top right of the page, that will take you to a login page.
  • Login with the same e-mail and password that used to register with Part-Box and you’ll then have access to your own Co-ordSport dealer section.

If you need any help, assistance, or have any queries then please contact: for further support.

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