HKS Oil Cooler – Honda Civic Type-R FK8

HKS Oil Cooler – Honda Civic Type-R FK8

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One of our good customers JRM in Sweden have installed this HKS oil cooler to their customer’s Honda Civic Type-R FK8. JRM were kind enough to give us some feedback on the installation of this kit.

“This HKS Oil Cooler is a great kit, superb finish and fitment quality. HKS state 4 hour installation time, I would say 8-10 hours first time you do it (which will be the case for all customers).

Also EU cars seem to be fitted with a radar (emergency stop/distance between cars on a motorway etc.) that JDM cars perhaps have as an extra. This is located where the kit is supposed to be fitted, so the radar/sensor needs to be removed from the car.

In the instructions it says that you need to modify the mesh but cars with the sensor don’t have a mesh, but they have a plastic cover there instead.

I removed the cover but as you can see in the pictures best thing would be to modify the lid and keep a part of it on the car. This was not possible for me as I managed to grind off the small brackets it’s supposed to be fitted in before I realised I could have kept a piece of the lid.

Different instructions for cars with radars/sensors would be useful. Also the fog light connector on EU cars seems to be larger than on JDM car and won’t fit through the hole in the air duct.

I just took connector apart and routed the wires through the hole and put the connector together again. Also the order in the fitting instruction is a bit odd, I did not follow it page by page, I jumped around.

We are grateful for the great & helpful feedback on this HKS Oil Cooler Kit for Honda Civic Type-R FK8.




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