A history of


Peter Collinson & Blaze Motorsport teamed up with Tusk Engineering Co. Ltd. of Japan, to run the first Group N Galant VR-4’s in Europe and on the WRC; whilst the factory team, Ralliart Europe, ran their Group A car for the first time too. The Tusk team included Kenjiro Shinozuka, Japanese works driver and Mitsubishi Motors employee, in his DTS Group A car. (DTS = Dealer Team Spec.)

Three of the five cars in the Collinson co-ordinated Team reached the goal, making a major impact for Mitsubishi Motors. The car proved itself on the World stage and became established & attractive. The Galant VR-4 was such a strong and reliable car, meaning it went on to win amny of the toughest rallies – this is where part of that story started.