Notification of Incorporation of HKS USA, INC.

HKS Co. Ltd has incorporated a new subsidiary, HKS USA, INC. to develop business activities within the North American market.

1. HKS USA, INC. Objectives

HKS USA, INC. was founded in order to better service the North American market, which is a priority area within HKS’ global strategy. Having a local base for marketing and product development, as well as a new system of distributors and “HKS Pro Dealer” network will further help to improve customer service in North America.

2. HKS USA INC. Details

(1) Company Name – HKS USA, INC.
(2) Incorporation Date – January 9th 2017 (Operation starting on May 1st 2017)
(3) Address – 410 N ROOSEVELT AVE CHANDLER, AZ 85226 USA
(4) President – Shinya Kawakita
(6) Shareholders – HKS Co. Ltd (Wholly Owned)
(7) Fiscal Year end – June

3. Business Operations

HKS USA, INC. aims to support sales through marketing activities and product development which can be performed more effectively and in a timely manner by having a local base.
A new HKS Pro Dealer network has established cooperation with 32 companies throughout the region which aims to further improve customer service in North America.

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