HKS SSQV3D Universal Blow-off Valve

SSQV3D - 71007-AK003This newly designed SSQV3D uses a “boost drive controller” for positive boost operation.

This new system SQV can function on vehicles which have no vacuum, such as diesel engines as well as conventional turbo cars.

An on/off switch allows operation of the SQV to be switched on or off at any time and a trigger switch can allow activation of the SQV on demand.

Available from Co-ordSport with a retail price off £295+VAT (part number 71007-AK003).

You can buy the universal HKS SSQV3D blow-off valve from our PartBox online shop.

SSQV3D - 71007-AK003

SSQV3D - 71007-AK003

SSQV3D - 71007-AK003

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