HKS New Developments Announced at TAS 2012

HKS recently exhibited at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon in which they revealed many of the new products and concepts that will be released throughout 2012.

Nissan GT-R R35 GT1000 Concept

R35 GT-R Tuning is evolving from GT800 to GT800+ and in 2012, HKS will be presenting the GT1000 Racing Specification. This will include parts such as larger turbo kit, engine stroker kit, improved intercooler as well as a few other parts.

You can read detailed information on all the parts in the downloadable PDF file (1.57MB)

With many of the new GT1000 parts due for release,  it is anticipated that demand will outweigh HKS’s production capacity for some time. Co-ordSport will be operating a pre-order system for these items to ensure the best allocation possible. Please contact us if you believe that you or your customers may have a strong interest in these items.

Once we have more accurate information we will be asking for commitments from those who have placed pre-orders.

A video outlining the HKS current product range and an indication of what is to come in the GT1000 package is available here. English subtitles can be shown by pressing the ‘CC button.

You can buy all currently available HKS GT-R R35 parts online safely and securely from our PartBox web shop.

Honda S2000 Tuning

HKS has turned its attention to the Honda S2000 with a range of parts being released. This includes Super Sound Master Muffler, Header, Catalyser and GT Supercharger kit.

You can read detailed information on all the parts in the downloadable PDF file (1.57MB)

HKS has created a series of videos on the tuning project of the S2000. The first is here and will have subtitles added soon.

More from the series are already available online with more subtitles being made available soon.

Other items of interest

Exhaust developments announced include a new Legamax Premium exhaust system and metal catalyser for the hybrid Honda CR-Z are due to be released sometime in February, as well as the Super Turbo Muffler for the Evo X, which is stated to be “quiet, but powerful… which also provide[s] drive comfort for daily driving”.

Not only this, there is:

  • NEW F-Con V Pro
  • NEW Flash ECU Editor
  • NEW OB-Link Information display system
  • NEW GTII Universal turbos
  • NEW GTS8555

If you would like more information on these parts, check out the downloadable PDF file (1.57MB). GBP/EUR prices are yet to be announced. Get in touch to pre-order any of these parts.

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