HKS Develop Racing Game Controller for PS3

HKS have launched a new controller designed especially for driving games, featuring a thumb-controlled steering wheel, mini brake and accelerator pedals and a speedometer. This revolutionary racing product for gamers was unveiled at the E3 electronic entertainment expo.

HKS have had the analogue sticks removed from a typical PS3 pad and replaced them with a ‘thumb-controlled steering wheel, leaving just the required left and right movements for steering. This will aid those finding their thumbs slip off the sticks during races on the standard controller.

The innovation continues further with the buttons; the standard controller buttons have been replaced by mini versions of brake and gas pedals. These are analogue rather than digital, allowing precise control during games.

The ‘pedals’ activate the digital ‘speed gauge’ in the middle of the controller, which displays the precise inputs of the throttle and brake controls.

HKS has teamed up with InterWorks to develop the Playstation 3 game controller that aims to work as well as a steering wheel / pedal setup, while being less intrusive.

The controller is expected to retail around $50 (US Dollars) and be available later this year.

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